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Balirong – Lamac Day Trek

It was a gloomy Sunday morning, it was cold and I’m still being lulled by the raindrops outside. But the show must go on. I need to be at the South Bus Station to meet with my equally hunger for adventure team mates Alice , Vincent, and Zuli. I checked the things needed and made sure that everything’s there in my small little dayhike bag and head on straight to the terminal.

I was the first to arrive and after a stick of smoke , Alice and Vince followed and waited for a few minutes before Zuli came with a very big bag almost for a major climb. She was wondering why our bags were small and that if we were gonna be on a day trek or have camp. We told her that we will have the camp at the beach and so she was okay with it.

The first bus took off already so we waited for the second bus to be full and paved our way to the our destination. The cold wind and the almost fast forward version of a bus running like there was no tomorrow was a perfect combination. An hour past and we found ourselves at the Balirong Gym where we will be starting our hike.

Normally , for treks, we ride the habal2x to the jump off point but due to my trauma of riding motorcycles up hill, we chose to walk all the way up and it was fine with the team , there was even no jump off point to start with since this is a new trail and it’s not a popular one and a jump off point has not been established yet, hence I say, that Balirong Gym will be the jump off point.

15 minutes past the hour of 6 and we are on the road going up. It’s mostly households as we paved our way uphill. The road is cemented so it’s not that difficult. Though steep but manageable.

8AM and we are already overlooking Balirong .

We continue to move up the slope and passed by a lot of households.

When you reach this part, that means that happy days are over and you will need to start to walk on a dirt road . It was past 11 when we arrived at this point of the hike . Took some pictures and rested for a few minutes.

If your lucky, the road will just be dusty, I guess we weren’t that lucky since it rained the night before so the road was really a piece of cake. The road was very slippery and they stick to your shoes like an emotional baggage as you go on with your life. They pile up and accumulate and your burden gets heavier. But just like any emotional baggage, you have the option to take a pause and remove before moving along.

The roads are mostly like this as we went up and down the slope of the mountain.

More long walks going up and down the villages in this mountainous side of Cebu. Enjoying the fresh air , the fresh airs and the majestic scenery .

If you’ve noticed, we didn’t had any guides for we believe on the power of question and answer . We ask the locals on direction and they answer. It was a fun activity as we ask the people around as we go past the villages and they were surprised on what we are doing and where since it was a very long way to go.

As we went down a small village, we went for some refreshments and to ask for directions again to a quicker way to Lamac since we’re walking for 6 hours already and tired . Luckily the woman at the store was kind enough to give us directions, actually she gave us two options ,the harder but long route or the shorter but a steeper climb, and guess what we chose. Of course we chose the shorter one but we never thought that it will be very steep down.


After an hour going up, we were able to have a view of Lamac.

The road going down was more on slippery knife edge rocks so you would have to be very careful in going down. It was a steep 50 degrees inclination.

After an hour of slowly going down ,it was lunch so we decided to take a quick lunch .

It was an quick lunch indeed and it was almost 1 PM so we didn’t wasted any time and started to climb down.

The view was amazing with lush green surroundings like in a painting with a background of birds chirpiny and the distant sound of a stream going down the rocks, as we continue to go down this semi virgin forest , it was like I am in a dream.

One thing that you need to make sure is that you need to see what you step because the trail is slippery and they are rocks piled on to one another and they are covered with wild ferns . It would look like to us that these trails are not always used.

After a few minutes of enjoying the scenery as we climb down, we heard young boys cheering and laughing and splash of water, civilization! Yes! Finally ! And behold , Sinungkulan Falls or locals call it Linaw. I Checked my time , and it was 1:30 in the afternoon.

It was like a hidden paradise of boys . There were a lot of them and more of them are coming as we left the area. I asked around and since wavepool is a bit expensive , the locals come here which to me is a much nicer experience . I will definitely be back in this place .

A few more walks down and we arrived at the famous Wavepool resort , had some refreshments and got a taste of their delectable frozen carabao milk. It was tasty and tummy . We took a habal2 ride down to Pinamungajan Market, got cleaned up and went ahead to Bugsay Beach at the Pinamungajan Public Beach to spend the night there together with some of the team who were not able to join the hike and just decided to spend the night with us there .

It was a fun night . It was a funfilled weekend full of adventure and stressed sweat glands.

Until the next adventure.


Cebu City – Balirong PHP 40

Guide fee – none

Lamac to Pinamungajan – PHP 60 per head

Food – Lunch ( depends on you )


– 3 Literd of water

– a hat since its an open trail

– arm guard

– leggings to make sure you won’t get scratches if you slip or from plants

– trail food

– ionic drinks

– Lunch

– extra clothes if you wish to take a dip in Sinungkulan Falls .

Feel free to contact me.

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