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Malubog Lake, a side trip.

After we went down from Tagaytay Hills, there is a another scenic spot that we wouldnt wanna miss, The Malubog Lake.

This is one of the most amazing places in Cebu. There aren’t any other lakes this big here in the island so pretty much , you will be amazed on how the landscape is perfectly adapting to a man made lake like this. There are fishes like Tilapia and Catfish living in these waters too.

After we went down the hilly slopes of Tagaytay Hills, we looked for a boat to take us to the other side of the lake since it would take time for us if we do it by land. That is an option if your afraid of the water though .

Luckily we were able to secure a boat that will take us on the other side of the lake. On our way to the lake were a plantation of eggplants and it was an amazing scenery that will make you think of all the things you can do with an eggplant .

As the boat drew closer, it was a beautiful scenery that I had to take a picture .

Only to find out that a woman is driving this motorboat that would take us to other side. She actually has a sad story about why she was in that business, her father is on a stroke and she needs to continue the business of taking people to the other side. I was sad of hearing the story but when you look at her, you can see no traces of what she is going through. That made me realize on how strong a person can be when we just out our minds on to it.

The view was amazing as we glide the waters going to the other side of the lake, it was a breathetaking view a very Instagrammable. It would look like as if you are on an island hopping adventure only the islands are really close to the body of water

What’s even more interesting is that how the Atlas Mining Corporation was able to create a Dam and put chlorine on the water from the lake for them to be able to use it for there operation. From the lake the water flows into a dam then a tube towards the other side of the island where they needed it. It’s really amazing and we were just lucky enough that we were allowed by the security to go through the tunnel. Most visitors are just allowed to take a picture on the front side , but us, we were given the chance to go through the the tunnel up till at the back of it down through those amazing wonders at the back. Videos on this will be posted in my YouTube channel.

We explored through the tunnel and went through a lot of small steps going down as we behold the amazing beauty that lies beyond this mountain. What an amazing view. It was like we went inside a hidden jungle .

Truly , a must to see when you go and visit the Tagaytay Hills. This is must have side trip .


PHP 200 – Bangka Ride.

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