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Tagaytay Hills, Toledo City

It’s 12:41 PM and I’m inside the bus bound for Toledo. Its still empty and Ario went out to eat and Aljun went to Emall to buy ground sheet since they forgot theirs.

I was alone in the bus, waiting for the moment for this bus to hit the road and start another adventure . I was also busy chatting with our guide to really make sure that everything will be perfect after we arrive. Everything is set for this adventure.

I was looking at the people getting inside the bus and it suddenly made me a vibe that this was also the same scenario last week. And it made me realize that I have been doing this for 3 weeks now , travelling after shift , exhausted but excited on a brand new adventure . I will never get old and tired on this I told myself.

Time stamp : 1 PM

And finally after like forever the bus started hitting the road. Looking at those other people in the bus made me think about how my life could have been if I just stayed way back many years ago. Would I be enjoying the same as I am now , would I be climbing mountains too? I don’t know.

Time stamp 2:54 PM

Beth ( our contact) told us to stop at Sangi for us to catch a jeepney going to Casoy. It was almost 3 in the afternoon when we arrived and we had our last minute supply run ( waters, dinner and drinks ) . We already ate lunch before hitting the road but the ride was really stressful that when I suggested to eat, Ario and Aljun made no hesitation at all.

Time stamp – 3:54 PM

After an hour , we found ourselves sitting on top of the jeepney waiting for it to hit the road going to Barangay Casoy. It was a big jeepney made for highland travels. And even if it was big one, it was still fully loaded with passengers since there were only a few of them going that route. It was a jam packed session both from the first and the second floor.

It was an enjoyable ride . You get to have a much nicer view than sitting inside the jeepney. And a much cooler air with a thrill if you fall.

Time stamp – 4:39 PM

We safely arrived at the Jump Off point with a view of the amazing Malubog Lake. We had our second last minute supply run, Haha. We were welcomed by our guide Kuya JR, he is the father of ma’am Beth . Good thing he was available that time to guide us and it was really our pleasure to get to know him and his wonderful stories of the place as we made our ascend to Tagaytay Hills.

The view and the people we met along the way was amazing as we started climbing the hilly slopes of the area.

And the groufies.

There were a lot of amazing scenic spots as we went up the trail same with the equally amazing stories of kuya on how the town became like this.

An amazing sunset shot, unfiltered .

Time stamp : 7 PM

It was already dark when we arrived at the peak. There were just so much stories to tell with kuya RJ , we enjoyed it, I did.

As we made our final ascend to the peak of Tagaytay Hills, it was almost pitch black and chilly winds starts to say hello and all you can see are the early stars above and the dimlit lights from Toledo City. It was spectacular. If only our cameras can capture such beauty .

It was really really cold since there aren’t any nearby mountains to hold off the winds so the view is 360 degrees so as the wind. It comes in all directions and its damn chilly. So one of the things to bring would be a thick jacket and some extra pair of socks for you to be able to sleep. Even one bottle of Emperador couldn’t hold off the cold. Try bringing 3, Haha.

It was a cloudy night so we gave up on our night photoshoot and just give in to our tired bodies and called it a night.

Tick tack tick tack! It was like I just sleep and I could bear the thought of not being able to picture the heavenly bodies. It was 4 o’clock in the morning at still it’s really cold outside. I guess the universe did conspire and allowed me to take some amazing pictures of the stars before they goto sleep.

Star Track achieved!

I was really happy that before daylight broke in, I managed to snap some amazing pictures.

An amazing sunrise.

It was a magical place at night, now it’s even amazing in broad daylight .

This is actually on of the reasons why I climb mountains, the fact that it has some health benefits which is the last of my reasons, it gives you that chill factor and appreciate what this beautiful creation has to offer. It will make you feel that you are one with nature and that all the negative energies are being absorbed away from you , just like a dog. Nature is my dog.

You can run, roll and jump and jump even higher in this wide wide grass of green. It’s really an amazing 360 degree view of the area, the nearby mountains and the amazing islands of Negros.

After we had our morning coffee and breakfast and cleaned the surroundings (LEAVE NO TRACE),we are on for another adventure down the hill, this time we will go to Malubog Lake.

That’s gonna be on the next blog.

Thanks for reading.

You can contact ma’am Beth in Facebook at
Teacher Traveller PH for her to hook you up with an available and trusted guide in the area.
You can also contact Kuya JR through 09167219696


    The usual camping gears .
    Jacket and socks for the cold night.
    2 Liters of water.
    Food for dinner and breakfast.
    Trash bag for your trash.

    Saan aabot ang PHP 90 mo?

    Cebu – Toledo PHP 70
    Sangi – Casoy PHP 20
    Foods – ( depends on you )
    Guide fee : Standard

    You can visit my You Tube Channel for more videos : RonDavid Walker

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