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Pinayun-an Peak : Sea of Clouds in Mabinay

And so we found ourselves with another adventure. This time it will not be just an out of town activity but an off the island adventure . We will be going to Negros to check out the newly discovered sea of clouds in Mabinay.

Sunday morning and the clouds are dark , but that didn’t stop us from pushing through with our planned activity. It even made us even more excited for we know that if it rains then the thicker the cloud will get . And so we finished all our deliverables for that week at the office and hurriedly went to the South Bus Terminal. Based on the blog that I read, the ride should stop at Santander, get a ferry to Dumaguete then to Mabinay but we found out that there was even a much quicker route and that is to stop at Bato Liloan and get a ferry from there to Tampi. From there, wait for a bus off to Mabinay which is like 2 hours compared if you start from Dumaguete.

From Tampi, we went to the nearest market for the last minute supply run which is in Amlan. From there , we waited for the bus going to Mabinay. You need to make sure to ask the bus driver since there were other routes as well (going to Bacolod) and not all buses leads to Mabinay .

After 2 hours of sitting in a jampacked bus which looked liked an MRT scene in Manila, we arrived safely at around 5:45 in the afternoon in Mabinay Bus Terminal.

Excited and tired and a little bit scared since its already dark and we don’t know the actual trail, we hurriedly went and look for the an available transportation to take us to the jump off point of the Pinayun-an Peak . We were able to secure this motor tricycle for 50 pesos per head since this can accommodate 10 heads . So it would be cheaper if you travel in groups.

It was dark when we started the trek going up the peak. It was very hard and we got lost , good thing there was a nearby village and we were able to secure a guide who lives just nearby and who happens to have a farm uphill.

The trail was not that difficult but the added danger of not being able to see everything while going up made it more exciting. Most of the trail is really going up around 45 degrees . Loose rocks and not so steep cliffs awaits you as you go up the trail. It took us 2 hours to reach the Pinayun-an Peak and by then , after a 10 hour shift that day , an 8 hour ride going there ( bus, boat, bus, tricycle ) and the 2 hour climb up, we were all dead tired and decided to just pitch the tents and sleep. But this doesn’t happen every weekend so we fought the tiredness in us and tried to enjoy the fog and the humidity around. Yes, you read it right, it was very humid that amidst all the fog around, it wasn’t cold at all and we were even sweating. It was a pretty amazing experience .

The fog was all around and all you can see is the shady moon up above and the fireflies flying around like moving stars in the night. We were accompanied by 1 bottle of emperador lights to make us warm and make it through the night but that part failed since it was very humid so we were not able to finish it and decided to call it a night at around 12.

It was like I dozed off for a minute and I was awaken by some hikers outside and sounding excited that they made it at the peak. It was 30 minutes past 4 o’clock in the morning and Im so dead tired and the hard ground is still pulling me to lay back but the excitement filled me up as well and forced myself to go out the tent. Everything was still in a haze but the view is jaw dropping and you will be teary eyed as you gaze upon the moon, the stars and the clouds beneath you.

If only our cameras can capture what our eyes can see.

More and more pictures were taken and as the sun was up around 6am, the more you will me amazed and mesmerized.

This is the nearest place that you can witness this majestic event with not causing too much harm on your pocket .

Here are the expenses :

Cebu South Bus Terminal – Bato ( PHP 205)

Ferry going to Tampi ( PHP 70 )

Tampi – Amlan ( last minute supply run : optional ) PHP 10 per head for tricycle

Amlan – Mabinay Bus Terminal ( PHP 90 )

Terminal – Jump of Point ( PHP 30/head ) for 10 people

So that’s a total of PHP 395 pesos one way for you to be able to witness this amazing phenomenon.

Things to bring :

• The usual camping gears ( jacket, food, tent, and more water at least 3 liters each)

Side trip :

Niludhan Falls.

You can ask the habal-habal drivers at the Mabinay Bus Terminal to take you there for PHP 150 per head.

In going home, there is a bus that you can take going to Dumaguete and you can stop at Tampi where you started or you can extend your adventure and stop at Dumaguete city.

Thanks for reading. Until another adventure.

Feel free to contact me.

Please practice Leave No Trace ( LNT) and bring your trash with you when you go home.

You can check out some videos of this blog on my You Tube Channel.

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