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Pamutan-Campo Cuatro Trail

This is the first climb of the year so we were very much eager to have this adventure . The initial plan was to start at Spartan Trail but my shift ended a bit late so the first half of the group started at 6am and the second half decided to just catch up at the second leg of the trail which is at Barangay Pamutan. And so we agreed.

It was a clear sunny Sunday and we were very excited to have our first climb of the year. We hurriedly got out of office with our dayhike bags ready . As we rode the habal2x going to the Barangay Pamutan-Campo, it started to rain very hard that it made me realize that this is gonna be one challenging day hike due to the muddy trails that we will endure later and muddy it was then.

It was noon we we arrived at Barangay Pamutan and had our lunch while waiting for the first group to arrive who started in Banawa. After lunch, we didnt wasted a single second and had some photoshoot.

And one by one, based on pacing, they arrived.

Some were fast and some ,like me were just enjoying the scenery. And so after an hour the group was complete, done with lunch and we are now ready for the second leg of the trail, Pamutan Campo Cuatro Trail.

And so we did start with music, laughter and more laughter as we passed by villages and majestic creations .

We stopped at this very Instagrammable view of the mountains and had some pictures taken, took some rest and recharge. 

This is the final road going down the mountains, but the weather didn’t made it easy for us due to the muddy and slippery trail. 

And more pictures going down the slippery path.

Now this the most exciting part of the traverse, the slippery , muddy and rocky slope as we made our final descend to the river. Yes there is a river .

And yes after like an hour of going down and trying to stay alive, we made it.

This was another adventure that surely I would want to do again. Until the next week then.

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