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Opeak Traverse Casino Peak

Just a week after the first climb of the year, me and the gang are in for another adventure. But as usual, our schedules doesn’t perfectly meet so they went a day ahead and had to stay the night and wait for us the next day for the activity.

The initial plan was to traverse from Osmena Peak to Kawasan Falls but due to some extreme weather conditions which could endanger us and do some elimination rounds , we decided to go to the nearest peak available, the breathetaking Casino Peak. 

And so my adventure started at 3AM, took off early with my friend Liz and hurriedly went to the southbus terminal to meet up with George to catch the earliest bus out going to Dalaguete. We were lucky enough to be there just in time the 2nd bus pulled over ,not so lucky for the first.

We took off from the bus station 20 minutes past four in the morning and arrived at our destination 15 minutes past six o’clock , that was fast.  We had last minute supply run from the nearest 7 /11 store and hurriedly went to the habal2x station going to Mantalungon Market when the rain poured heavily. It took us an hour to decide whether to ride the habal2x or to hitch  hike for some trucks going to the market since it would be a slippery road going up due to the heavy rain. We made a few friends there who also shares the same passion in enjoying nature but they didn’t had that much patience so they got a habal2x all the way to the jump off point . A few minutes later, luckily , a good Samaritan was kind enough to let us  ride with him at the back of his truck going to Mantalungon Market  for free.

It was a fun hitch hike, and most of all, we were able to save 250 pesos per head which was the supposedly fee for the habal2x ride going up. That was the best part of it.

After we made it to the Mantalungon Market ,the rain was still heavily pouring but we had no choice since our group is waiting for us on the peak so we took the habal2x ride going to the foot of Osmena Peak for only 50 pesos.

And so we didn’t wasted any time since it’s almost 9 o’clock in the morning and the initial plan was to start the activity at 8.

We arrived at the peak 20 minutes after and just in time, our group was just done packing up the bags getting ready for the the traverse activity, and so we took the a few more photos and started to walk down from the peak.

The trail was muddy going down, very slippery and the place was almost zero visibility, but adventure called and so we answered.

As we were going down, it made us even harder to do it since the wind was blowing real hard that it can make you slide or worst fall of a cliff if you don’t watch your step, balance your body and hold on to some rocks. 

After around 45 minutes of walking , it was past 1 oclock in the afternoon and we were not even halfway through the trail in going to Kawasan so we decided to take a detour and just schedule another event for that and go to the nearest peak available which is the Casino Peak. And so we did.

The trail going up is not that difficult since it’s already established and so we think it was. 80 percent of the trail it was but as we started climbing up the peak, the trail goes smaller and smaller and on your left side is a cliff with the wind blowing really hard this time as you ascend . 

I was able to take a few pictures on the way to the peak due to some very high altitude problems.

And at last we made it !!!!

As the saying goes “summit to sea” , we decided to go and take a dip the nearest resort. And Alcoy won. So we hurriedly went down the peak, took luck and took off to the last destination of the event. 

It was an adventure in an adventure, a fun-filled event with a group to call your own, much more than a friend, we call ourselves a family.

Until the next outdoor adverture.

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