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The pre-climb for the 9th Friendship Climb

Me and my friends are climbing mountains here but this time it’s exciting for we will be joining not just a few mountaineering groups like ourselves but it would seem that all of the groups in the whole of Cebu. Today we will be joining a pre-climb activity together with the leaders of the groups who will be joining the Annual Friendship Climb. 

It’s a bright and warm Sunday morning as we are about to end our last shift of the week and hurrying every deliverables for us to be at the venue for the call time. And yes we did. 

When we arrived at the rendezvous point at JY Square, we were the first few groups who came and we say our hi’s and hellos to familiar faces and to some new once.  There were a total of 65 people from different groups who are gonna attend the said pre-climb event. I have been into mountains here in Cebu but this pre-climb activity excites me.  And so we hopped in the rented Jeep with my group mates and you can see the excited faces specially me and wondering what’s in store for us in this pre-climb activity.

We arrived at Pung-ol Baranggay Hall at around 10 o’clock in the morning and the Group Leader and the father of this Friendship Climb Sir Lex had a briefing and rationale on why we are having the pre-climb activity and what’s the program for the whole days activity.

And so we started the hike going to the venue but as what sir Lex told me, this isn’t gonna be the trail for the actual climb since there will be an estimated 600 participants on the actual activity and it will definitely ruin the trail. I’m glad I joined the pre-climb activity. 

The view was very scenic as we go up the mountain. Good thing that I was slow paced and sir Lex happens to be the sweeper so I got to talk to him about how he went to start this amazing activity. That will be another story though. 

We passed by this very Instagrammable sunflower farm.

As we went up, there was another instagrammable rock formation . And so we didn’t wasted opportunity and took amazing pictures. This is actually one of the reasons why I have been climbing mountains, to take good pictures. 

And at last at the peak of Mt. Pung-ol.

We were not able to take a lot of pictures at the peak for we need to go down to the next side of the mountain to the venue of the camp. The meeting will not start since sir Lex will need to preside the meeting and he is with us. I can say that I am a very special person. 

The trail going down is very slippery that many did made there way down through sliding. Luckily not me.

It was an amazing activity that as I arrived at the camp venue, some was resting and others are plotting the placement of the groups during the actual activity and some including me are just taking pictures.

And more pictures.

And so after the meeting and open forum as to how the program will go through on the actual activity, we went down the mountain with happy faces and excited on the actual activity.

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