The Outdoor Club Cebu

Katkat Pakighimamat. The Annual Friendship Climb. 9th Season.

And so all the stories about this Friendship Climb were all true. This the climbing event that every mountaineering group is waiting throughout the whole year. This is like the closing activity of all the years climb and plan for the next year. This climb is a sum up of the groups all year escapades and to come. A Thanksgiving, a gathering, an early Christmas Party, giving back to the community, a reunion and of course to meet new friends who share the same passion as everyone else in the group, the love of the mountains.

This year is the first time our group The Outdoor Club Cebu will be joining this Annual Gathering and it feels like this activity is a recognition that our group exists in the Mountaineering Community. 

It’s a Saturday morning and I am almost done with my shift and I am doing all the multitasking skills to the highest level to the make it on time in JY Square. As I arrived at the meeting place, you can really see the warm smiles from every people walking around and checking for last minute supplie run and waiting for those group mates . It looks to me that everyone is ready for today’s activity. They are, we are and I am. 

Glad I have a new phone so while we wait for the others to arrive, we started the pictorials.

Testing my new phone.

The holding area was at the gym. We waited for the other groups to arrive as as we wait, we had pictorials.

Had a few games to hype up the crowd and some briefing on camp rules and we started the parade off to the camping area.

It was like a colorful mushrooms of tents just started to sprout from the green field as the campers started to pitch the tents and prepare for the night.

After dinner, we had a few minutes rest and settled inside our tents and prepared for the Socials. There was a Speech Contest and every group should have a participant, we had ours and we did prepare but due to an unforseen event like getting drunk in the process of waiting for the Socials Night to start, our group was not able to join. And so we did our our program and tested my phone for night shots.

There were a lot of pictures taken that night. We had colorful blinking lights and some glow sticks to add color to the dullness of the night. Other groups were jealous why they were not able to think of that. It was a fun night. A very fun night at all.

It was like I only slept for a few hours and it was morning and so we have to prepare for another activity which is the Outreach Program so we had a few more pictorials then took off the camp and went to the Baranggay Plaza to have the activity.

There were games, free spaghetti and goodies and toys for the kids, giving of school supplies and our company was generous enough to give out bags.

Me and our group is all but thankful for the organisers of this activity that they made this all possible and we will be looking forward to another year . This was all fun and fulfilling . 
Thanks for reading . 

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