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Mt Mago, an interBPOcampout2017

So this is one of those planned trips that me and my friends had since we need to be reserved for it due to a lot of people will be joining. 
Since the success of its first round last year at Mt Manunggal, nature lovers working in the BPO Industry are thrilled to have another tasted of pure fun with birds of the same feathers talking in english climbing a common peak. Goodthing the Manakaay Mountaineering Group decided to have a second take this year. 

As I have befriended almost half of the organizers, they decided this 2nd camp out during a drinking session. And Im glad they had that drinking session , coz if they didn’t, this activity will not be realized. 

Everything was ready the nighrlt before, from things to bring, to waterproofing and charging everything. I want to make sure that this will go smoothly as I have imagined. It was the first bus out of the Southbus Terminal and I can still feel the damp of the morning dew in my face. No traffic, no everything, just the bus, my friends and me excited to arrive at our meeting ground. Me and my group were the first to arrive in Carmen Municipal Hall. It was still 6 oclock on my watch. Saw a handful of people doing morning routines, stretching and jogging around. We were kind of out of place with how we looked since we were all geared up already for the climb. 

Good thing we arrived early since we still have to buy some stuff at the market so we had our share of the early morning exercise and walked towards the nearby market which is by the way not so near. We decided to have breakfast for we know and we have forseen that it may take awhile for the others to arrive and we were right.

As we went back to the Municipal Hall, there were other participants who arrived. I was hoping to see some familiar faces but failed. And finally around 9am, the first dump truck was out, yes it was a dump truck. It was an hour ride going to the venue. The first 30 minutes of the ride was fine until it got very bumpy as we reached mountainous part where roads were small and not cemented. It was part of the package I should say but it was a bit scary knowing that either left or right, we would fall of the cliffs. 

A few Hail Mary’s did help and at last, we arrived at the venue. It was marvelous, exciting and jaw dropping as you see a great scenery of people pitching up tents in the mountain top. 

It was noon when we arrived and the sun was really showing its might. We hurriedly pitched our tents and decided to have lunch since going to the peak will be in an hour. Sadly, there will a lot of people who came late so the activity was moved in another hour. So we decided to just chill and wait.

At long last, the marshalls went around and told everyone that the activity will start in 15 minutes so we hurriedly prepared the things to bring and our outfits for the hike. It will be approximately a 2 hour trek to the peak, so we bought along waters. 

This is our group.

The heat was killing us. Good thing some brought umbrellas. Yes umbrellas on a hike.

And after an hour of trekking, it poured very hard.  There were about 200 participants going to the peak . As we walked, eventually some would stop and rest and got separated from there groups and thats what happend to me. So I befriended a lot of people on my way up, got to know where they work and stuff, and it was fun sharing the same passion of going outdoors with the people who speak your language. It was nice knowing about there stories to tell and the mountains they climbed and yet to climb. 

There was a point that I was the only one walking in a semi- forest part of the trail and it was a bit scary, no one at my back, no one ahead of me,but I managed. Until a few slopes after, I met one group mate who was resting too and we decided to do just take it slow coz the heat was really scorching. 

This is Mika, one of my groupmates and a colleague.

We had a few more stops , well a lot of stops before reaching the peak but it was worth it. The view was amazing. It was like a painting.

This is the other side of the peak where not most of the participants was able to go. Thanks to my being friendly that one organizer told me about this other side of the peak.

Since the peak is a boundary of Danao, Carmen and Tuburan, then you are at 3 places at one.

It was almost dark and we are still halfway through, yet I never wanted to miss the sunset shot , seeing the sun set at the back of Mt Talinis on the other island is just breathtaking.

It was already around 7pm when we got back and everything was aching, my foot specially.  There was a socials night but my group was too tired to climb down so we decided to just rest and power up with Emperador lights. We had a night of laughter and fun and bullying and some stuff I cant remember.

A new day has begun. After only a few hours of sleep, this is what you will see.

Another activity was in place for the day which was the outreach program so we got our things ready and headed down . But before that, we had to have a souvenir.

The outreach activity was a success, from giving of school supplies to games to the feeding, it was all a success.

The whole activity was a success!

Until the next interBPOcampout.


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