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Mt Manunggal 3rd time

Its been a like a long time since I visited this place so we decided to pay another visit.
We know the trail, we know the terrain and we basically know everything even the house in the camp site. But we want adventure , a new kind of adventure and so we did.

To back track a bit, we were not able to climb together with my friends since I had to go somewhere first so they sent ahead and will just wait for us in the campsite.

It was almost dark when me , liz and john arrived at the campsite and we found the rest of the gang half drunk already since they started off with the ritual after dinner. We pitched our tents, ate our dinner and catched up for the ritual.

I brought this guy along from the office named john who was really a gentleman and way cooler than his age, but it was until after dinner that he showed his other side. He can see ghosts, for real. So we had the night scaring ourselves with his stories and still asking about it. We called it a night after 5 emperador lights and with the rain started to poured in.

Just right before we slept, we agreed to go to Mt Mauyog, which is the next destination in the area but one local suggested that there was a much more beautiful destination than that of Mt Mauyog so we agreed to go there instead.

We had an early morning breakfast in preparation for our next adventure.

The weather was in our favor so the road was not slippery as the last time we attempted. We were excited to go and see this falls that they were talking about that we forgot to ask how long will we traverse, and so it was, we started going down.the mountain. We passed by a lot.of vegetation and it was a challenge since you have to be very careful to not to step on them.

After the 2nd hour of going down the slope, we started to think of how long this will be but unfortunately our little guide cant tell the time and just keeps on going. Its starting to rain and the path is getting slippery and dangerous. We tried to slow down a bit and came across a group who is on the harvest mode for corn so we had a few chitchats  and a few pictures.

A little past over the 3rd hour and we started to question ourselves when are we gonna see this falls and it better be grand and magestic for us to walk down the mountain this long. We were also a bit worried since we left our bags at the campsite which is like 3 hours up away and counting. But as they say, keep moving forward and so we did.

It was almost 4 hours of walking down the mountain with all the slides and stunts that we reached the foot of the mountain. We thought we already arrived as we can hear the rushing water but to our dismay, we still have to walk towards the actual destination.

After 4 hours of going down, we finally arrived on the destination. It was not as grand as we have immagined but considering the very long time walking, the freezing cold waters did suffice .

We took a lot of photos here and there but we were worried that we will not be able to make it on time to the top since its almost dark. And the adventure doesnt stop from here. So we tried the other route,trying to fight against time and darkness, we went up the other side of the mountain. Only to realize that this side of the road will lead us way back around mt manunggal but we didnt have any other choice. Good thing there was a good samaritan who offered us a lift to the main highway and we were more than grateful for that.

We went back to the entrance of the main road from which you will start hiking mount manunggal. There is always a reason for everything.

It would be another 2 to 3 hours up to the campsite so we agreed to have the boys go up and get the bags.

They made it in time just before past 4 pm and the next problem was how to go home since Vans from Balamban are usually full at those times. We tried our luck but to no avail, there was none.

We then decided to do another hitch hike off to balambam van terminal and luckily, another good samaritan took us .

It was one hell of a ride. It was cold but the view at the back was amazing.

This is another trip that we will not forget.

Looking forward to another one.

Thanks for reading.

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