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Sirao Peak

Amongst the most common place for outdoor enthusiasts , Sirao is like the bestfriend you can always count on . Either your on a tight budget or just desperate to have some uphill adrenaline with time constraints, this is the place to be.

A few years back, when you say Sirao, mountaineers would associate it with the Budlaan trail with the Kabang Falls, up to this time, that still exists, but a large percentage of the population would associate this marvelous place with the Sirao Flower Farm built near the jump off point if you go the backdoor route.

The falls is sort of like an entrance for you and serves as like a second jump of point for the actual ascend in going to sirao peak. This part is very technical and you may have to bring ropes around 30 meters for you to make sure that you will not join your great great grand parents wherever they maybe.

On the way up, you will see a lot of wonderful views of the rural area and you will feel like you have been out of the city for so long already. Long and green meadows will start greeting you as soon as your done on your first ascend from the magestic waterfall.

At the peak you will notice that most people would go the backdoor trail since its easier and lesser time to go up.

If you want to go the backdoor trail and your on a tight budget too, you can wait for a 04H Jeepney in Lahug Market , it will cost you around 25 pesos to Bonbon and you can take a habal2x from there or you can even walk to warm up those muscles.

If your not on a tight budget, you can take the habal2x from the Lahug Market and that will cost you 60 pesos per head with 2 people in the motorcycle and it will bring you directly to the jump off point .

Going back, when your at the peak, everything seems relaxing, serene and all the nice things that you can think off. Your mind is cleared from everything and for a moment, even just for a moment, you are one with nature.

Sirao may not stand that tall,but this is the nearest mountain you can seek refuge from the buzzling city life.

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