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Binuthan Cave Adventure

This is one of the most unplanned events and by far, one of the most challenging yet rewarding. You wouldnt expect that you will find something like this within the geographical location of Cebu City. I couldnt even believe it myself at first but I was amazed and mesmerized by the beauty of the place and the type of adventure it can offer.

An hour before we call it a week and we still dont have nothing, I was worried that our weely climb will be cooled off this week, but I pushed it off the envelope and thankfully, I was able to find one which wouldnt hurt your butt seating on a bus. Binuthan Cave located at Sitio Morga Barangay Bonbon Cebu City, hows that for an adventure. Me and my buddy Rancy finalized the plan and that was it.

We found ourselves with another adventure for the weekend. Getting ready with our waterproofed bags with only a few clothes to none since this is just gonna be a day hike. We weren’t really expecting a lot.

Rendezvous point was at JY square and the ride tooks us a little over an hour to arrive at the jump off place.

Once you arrive at the second jump off, there is a house there and you can ask and look for a guide. And we finally found one just after we were done changing outfits. We were told to just bring our wallets and leave our bags there, but why?

The answer was it will be a very dangerous thing to bring bags, since it will get wet, thats what the guide told us. So we just packed a few things in our dry bags, wallet and our mobile phones . You will pass by a lot of vegetations around the area which is the community’s main livelihood and a lot of flower farms too.

It took us like an hour to reach the destination of the so called water falls that I saw online , the sound of the rushing waters against the rocks made us very excited and to our surprise, it was even much more scenic and much more amazing than what I saw on the internet. It was a waterfall that runs from the mouth of the cave going down through big boulders of rocks.

The rocks were very very and very slippery so you have to be extra careful in every step that you take. We found ourselves climbing to those big boulders of rocks with rushing waters. We were almost halfway through and we realized that this is a very dangerous thing that we are doing , since this is Bouldering Upstream and we need ropes but that was too late.

And finally, after a little over an hour of death defying stunts and carefully taking each step, we finally arrived at the entrance of the cave.
To enter the cave, you need to swim around 10 meters of 12 meters deep waters.

After you swam the 10 meter long 12 meter deep waters, the pathway would become very small that you cant extend your arms to swim so you would just be like dangling like a monkey from tree to tree, just this time it will be rocks, and the waters are still very deep so this is very good for upper body exercise.

After a few minutes, your feet will be able to touch a decent ground beneath and eventually you can start walking with waist deep water then knee deep rushing waters.

We were not able to take pictures inside since we were on a time schedule since the cave is very long and we have to trek after, but the view inside was more than amazing, the grandeur of nature at its finest. Colorful rocks to shining rocks to different formations, from very old formations to newly formed, very astonishing how nature works. But you have to be very careful since there are deep holes throughout the cave and you wouldnt see it since its dark and water is flowing, you wont see it but definitely you can fall, from knee deep holes to 5 meter holes which would add up to the adrenaline rush. Plus the rocks inside are like knives which was prepared by the butcher , so your motto inside the cave should be SLOWLY BUT SURELY.We will take pictures next time.

After almost 2 hours inside the cave, we were able to reach the other side around 530 in the afternoon. We were tired and exhausted with bruises here and there but feeling accomplished with big smiles on our faces. It was time to head back so we have to trek a very steep slope up from the endpoint of to the cave to the main road.

I thought it was the end of the adventure, but after 30 minutes of walking, we found ourselves in another cave entrance but since its dark, we will visit this at another time since the adventure that awaits us here is different.

Until the next adventure.Thanks for reading.

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