When in Alegria

Here I am writing again another story of life and love. Oh sorry, wrong page. Well this is an adventure story. Here goes.

It was finally then decided to go to Alegria, famous for its waterfalls and friendly people. Most people would associate the place with adventure, canoneering to be exact. But for us who wants more than just a jump, we planned to go uphill, to one of the talked about mountain, Mt Lanaya.

Many have spoken about this enchanting mountain and its mystical charms but for us who wants another mountain to climb, we were even excited. The whole plan all along was to just be in Mt Lanaya but things turned out diferently, as always, and as always, it turned out even more than just an adventure.

This goes out to everyone who wants to be in Mt Lanaya, there are 2 major trails that you can chose, one is the Lumpan Trail but but we chose the harder one which is the Legaspi Trail. 
Things to bring :

-Camping gears, no beach tents.

-Dry fit outfits

– At least 3 liters of water each

– Jacket and socks for the night

– Dont forget to water proof your bags because it can get really watery.

From Cebu City South Bus Terminal, you take a bus bound for Bato,Samboan. For precautions, you need to register at the Barangay Hall at Barangay Legaspi, just in case something happens, they would be able to trace. You can also get a guide from there which would be around 500 pesos. Amazingly, since the town is near the sea, these guides are both mountaineers and fishermens. 

Once your done with the registration, you can start with your ascent on the legaspi trail. Since we arrive noon time, we were told to start the ascent around 3 pm since it was very hot that day and it would only take 30 minutes to arrive in camp 1 where we plan to stay for the night. It was quarter past one so we decided to just take our late lunch first and do some pictorials and relax our butts after a 5 hour bus ride with the help of the relaxing beach view. warm and fishy and sandy smell of the beach and the smell of adventure that awaits us.

30 minutes before 3 oclock, I couldnt help myself but to urge my friends and fill there minds with excitement to just go on and not wait for 3 and luckily, they agreed. We then found ourselves going up the legaspi trail with full of smiles and excitement and with no worries at all since it would only take 30 mins to arrive at the camp site.

It was 30 past the hour of 3 and we found ourselves resting in every shade we could get since the air was hot and our first bottle of water is almost up. No camp site was in site and walking is like never ending, and I started to ask myself, what happend the 30 minutes to camp site? But we still manage to take some pictures along the way while resting since the view is very alluring not to take it with you in your mobile phone. After like the never ending walking uphill with a humid air and the smiling sun, we reached the campsite  around 5pm .

The sunset view is amazing and relaxing and soothing after an almost 2 hour walk.

We started cooking for our dinner the soonest once we were done pitching our tents, and Im glad we did, just enough time for us to enjoy the night sky and all the stars and the icy cold body hugging wind that wants to enjoy with us. We had a few bottles of tequilla but it seemed only 1 due to the very cold environment. 

Its lights off time since we have to be early the next day to climb the peak which would take approximately 3 to 4 hours based on the guides. And judging by the way they tell the time, 30 minutes for them maybe 2 hours for us so do the math for the 4 hours uphill climb. 

I was about to close my eyes inside my warm tent when I suddenly heard a rumbling vibrating sound through the ground, it was like coming for us, I was right, it was a very strong gust of wind and hardcore raining going on our direction, we waited for like 5 minutes but 5 minutes seemed very long for our tents to hold on and water just started pouring in and it was very dark and foggy and cold .The wind and the rain is going haywire so we decided to go and find shelter to the nearest hut that we saw earlier that afternoon bringing everything but the tents. Thunder and lightning decided to join the party . The pathway going down the slope was very slippery and muddy, I cant remember how many times I fell, but for you not to get hypothermia or struck by lightning, we did it for like less than 5 minutes, thats what adrenaline can do. It was still raining when we found ourselves, the 8 of us, stranded in one small hut just to live through the night. Good thing we did water proofing on our bags so we still had some warm clothes to change to. 

The next morning, we woke up early and still raining by the way, got ourselves some hot coffee and decided to try going to the peak the next time since it will be really slippery and risky. The excitement of reaching the peak died but luckily. One of my friends was a tour guide in the canoneering group before , so we decided to have a side trip on doing some jumping. They all jumped, I didnt.

After a sumptious lunch that was prepared by our new found friend, which is by the way owns one of the biggest canoneering business in the area, he invited us to go with him and explore a cave which was closed for over 10 years. He is planning of expanding his canoneering business to spelunking. The beach will have to wait since that was the initial plan and we found ourselves going to the location. 30 mins motor ride uphill and another 2 hour trek going to this virgin cave. Very exciting.

This is the jump off point.

The cave is located at our back, on the next mountain so it was a very long walk again, in the middle of the day. It was challenging going up the slope since it was all rocky and slippery but we made it amidst some snakes along the way.

The cave was long and muddy and it took us like an hour to reach the end and we have to go back. Adventurers will love it for a side trip.

We were all soaken in deep mud, everyone was dirty we need to have some cleaning to do. Good thing we passed by a big river with a bridge that you can jump on, everybody jump, I didnt.

It was around past 4 so we had to back since it will be dark soon and the road is quite dangerous.

It was a fun, actually super fun sidetrip. The whole activity was fun, from the beach relaing view to the mountain climbing turned tragedy, to canoneering, to.the 2 hour trek and splunking. It was all worth it. Very much worth it.

Looking for another three in one adventure next time.

If you wanna join in our adventures, feel free to contact me.

Thanks for reading.

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