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Mt Hambubuyog

An awesome sunset and a 360 view of the surrounding towns nearby. This is Mt. Hambubuyog located at Ginatilan Cebu. Standing at around 820 MASL and famous of its Divine Mercy Chapel at the very peak. The mountain is also known for its killer trails either you go through the backdoor or you go upstream, you can both experience the unforgiving heat of the sun.

This is the text I sent to my friends for me to get them to go with me in the trip since the mountain is not that popular and I just came across it in a blog. Luckily, they didnt have plans on that saturday so they hopped in.

From south bus terminal, we took the bus going Ginatilan and it took like around 5 hours.

This is where we took our stop.

It was a long ride and its almost noon so we looked for the nearest diner and had lunch. If your carrying bags like we had, once you hopped out of the bus, habal-habal drivers will come swirling, so the moment were done with lunch, our ride was waiting for us. We then instructed our ride to drop by the nearest market and get some drinks and off to Inambakan Falls, the jump off point going to hambubuyog.

Took some pictures and took a dip on the refreshing and cold waters of Inambakan Falls.

We were about to go and start the ascend but it rained very hard the previous night and the supposedly guide told us that the trail will be dangerous so we have to come up with a decision, luckily our drivers offered to take us straight up the mountains through the backdoor route or the normal trail leading to the peak, which for some reason, that was our only choice and so we did. They offered 500 per head with a sidetrip of kabutongan Falls the next day so it was not so bad at all.

And so we made it to the top for like an hour ride.

And so we camped there for the night. Had some talk about living life love. Got up for another adventure that awaits us and yes, the camp site has no shade so it will really be hot when its past 7am already.

On with our next adventure is Kabutongan Falls.

Had a great time chasing waterfalls this time, there was actually 4 of them , rocks were very slippery and knife-edged so you have to be very careful along the way.

And finally on our last stop before going back to the city is the Mainit Springs which houses some waterfalls as well.

The hottest temperature in the spring is 42℃ which is close to not being tolerable.

There are some mini tub like which you can take a dip and relax and the warmness is just fine and relaxing. After you warm yourself, you go upstream to find interesting rock formations and falls.

Up till our next adventure.

Thanks for reading.

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