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Kalanggaman Adventure

Another exciting adventure we had with my friends is visiting the Paradise Island of Kalanggaman. They say that unplanned travels always ends up great, but not this one, since we really have to plan it coz its a birthday celebration and summer escapade all in one and we had to book in advance too to get to the island.

It was almost dark when we left from Cebu. Good thing its not raining this time.

We took the route of Cebu-Ormoc since it would be longer if we take the Hilongos. The weather in Ormoc cooperated when we arrived for us to stroll around the city since the last time we were here, we only got a glimpse of just the bus terminal.

This time around, we have the whole night to do it.

We got up early the next day around 4am to catch the first van out going to Palompon since its going to be around 2 hours ride. Finall around 9 am we arrived at Palompon, had breakfast and got us some drinks.

At the back of this townhall is where we will take the boat going to the bird sanctuary and we waited until 1 Pm to have our turn since there were a lot of people in line. And so we arrived in this infamous Island Paradise.

We pitched our tents, secured our territory and prepared for dinner.

And we wouldnt wanna miss this. The blowing part of the birthday boy.

A very nice sunset shot with no filters or editing made.

There were only a few post that will cover the whole island at night so we really didnt took much pictures and we just had some talks over wine, of life and love and had a few drinks more, made some new friends and called it a night. The will be pictorial day so we have to be early , theres quite a lot of people in the island. We wouldnt want a lot of photo bummers.

The long sandbar.

And the water was crystal clear and very cold too. This is the other side of the island where few people goto since its very far but worth it since the view is scenic and relaxing.
Til the next adventure. I hope you enjoyed reading.

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