Canigao Escapade

How to get there.
If your travelling on a budget, I would suggest you go to Pier 3 and look for Gabisan Ticketing Office. They are located on the intersection prior to the entrance of Pier 3 on the left side. It is a very small booth so if you will have a hard time looking for it, might as well ask around. The fare for Economy class would be around php 250 one way.

TIP! Make sure to get a back and forth ticket for you to be able to budget your time and money. You will understand later.

There is a daily trip going to Hilongos, 1130 AM, 230 PM and Night trip around 9PM.

We took the 230 pm trip, it was raining and I was hesistant but nevertheless, due to excitement and left with no choice we took it.

The trip lasted for 4 hours and 30 minutes.

It was raining and it was foggy when we left the city. 

When we arrived Hilongos, the heavy rain welcomed us as soon as we stepped in the lands of Leyte.

We werent able to do some night adventures in Hilingos due to the heavy downpour and after a small tour around the place, we were able find a decent place to stay for the night.

This cost us Php 500 with an airconditoned room and a free wifi. You can charge your gadgets for the night as well to prepare for the early morning trip going to Matalom .

The hostel is a walking distance from the main highway where you can wait for the van going to Matalom. Its a 30 minute ride and will cost you Php 30.

We had a light breakfast in the nearby market as we were too early for the first trip. 

NOTE: There isnt a fixed time for the first trip, they will depend on the number of passengers. There is a minimum of 25 passengers for the boat to start the trip with Php 100 fare back and forth.

So if your travelling in groups, you can go there as early as 6am and they will entertain you, but if your travelling solo, you would expect that it would take a little bit more on the waiting part or you can negotiate with the other waiting passengers to divide the fare since the whole trip would cost around Php 1300.

Luckily, there will 6 of us around 9am, the other 2 was even waiting there since 3am, then us, then after 30 minutes of photoshoot, another 2 arrived, so we decided to just divide the fare. You do the math.

From the boat you can already see the long stretch of white sand shorelines of the island. The trip will take around 15-25 minutes.

And welcome to The Enchating Canigao Island.

As soon as we got off the boat, we decided to tour the island to see and check what it has to offer.

It has a mini forest which would add coldness in the air , this would aslo be a good camping ground. I cant wait for these trees to really grow big, say like 5 years from now. 

What amazes me is that this mini forest is just about 3 to 4 meters from the main shoreline.

After a few minutes walk, we were on the other side of the island where its a perfecr camping ground for couples.  By the way, If you want to save on the cottages, you can simply bring a tent and you can just pitch it in anywhere in the island for free.

We continued to walk around the island to explore its beauty.

and after a good 10 minutes walk, we decided to pitch our tent and enjoy the cold crystal clear waters of Canigao Island.

The long stretch of white shoreline with calm waters is just simple breathtaking.

If you want to see a video, you can search up my youtube channel : rondavid walker

This is not facebook so I will now stop posting more pictures of myself. LoL


> The mini seafood market will close around 4pm on weekdays and will be 24 hours open on weekends. There is but one store on the island that closes around 10 just about they turn the lights off. You can buy your smokes and liquors there.

The first trip out of the island would also depend on the boat that comes out from the mainland . And yes, there is signal, not LTE but it would suffice.

You need to make sure as well on your timelines for the boat from Hilongos to Cebu. First trip is at around 9am then 11am, the next would be night trip around 9pm. This is what we missed on checking so when we got back in hilingos around 1115, to our dismay, we can still see the 11am boat which just sailed.

So we found ourselves panicking a bit since I still have shift 2am the next day, so we ask around and glad to find out that there are hourly trips in Ormoc, and off we go.

It will be a 2 hour drive from Hilongos to Ormoc hoping to catch the 145pm trip but it left as well when we got in so we took the 430pm trip. And so we had like a little over 2 hours to explore Ormoc City and so we did.

The van going from Hilongos to Ormoc would be Php 120 and the Fastcraft would be Php 525 Economy, so if you dont want the extra expense, then stick your timelines. Again, boat leaves out of Hilongos going to Cebu will be 9am and 11pm, the next would be 9pm.

It was one jam packed adventure. If we were able to make it to either the 9am or the 11am trip, we wouldnt be able to enjoy the instagrammable scenery as we set sail off to Cebu.

Things happen for a reason.

There will always be a rainbow after the rain.

These are but amazing pictures with no filters. Simply just amazing.

I hope you enjoyed reading and the pictures.



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