Muffin Peak

  • How to get there
  1. Starting point is Gaisano Tisa.Ask the habal2x drivers where to ride going to Barangay Bocaue. ( Fare is 60 pesos per head )
  2. Drop of point is Bocaue Gym. ( a lot of local kids will be willing to take you to the peak.

3. It will take you 2 hours to reach to the peak.

A very refreshing view awaits you.

Then pitch your tents while the others start cooking for dinner.

While others will just have a photoshoot.

While some chose to be alone. Lols

Then socialize and enjoy the cold winds at night coming from all directions ( please bring jackets ). The city view could also be very nostalgic that it will make you relive your past emotional baggages.

The beauty of being in the mountains cannot be fathomed when your not really into it. Only to those who has been there will understand.

And its time to go home. And take more pictures.

Be very careful when going down since it will twice as difficult as going up specially if it rained the night before.

Then have some lunch and prepare for another hurtful habal2x adventure going down.


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