Mt. Manunggal

How to get there.

 Go to Ayala Terminal ground floor and ask for the van going to Balamban. (Fare is around php 120 as of March 2017)

You tell the driver to stop on the corner going to Mt. Manunggal. This is on the right side of the road. ( this is 2-3 mins after the west 35 mountain resort )

It would be advisable if you leave the terminal around between 11-12 noon since the ride will 40 minutes to an hour. There is a reason to that. If you arrive around past 1 pm, this will already be the view that will welcome you, its like an eerie scene with zombies waiting for you on the sides but its pretty amazing with all the scary fog effect. And it will be good for picture purposes too. LoL.

This will be a good 2 hour walk going up with mostly steep roads , sometimes concrete, sometimes muddy. 

Take a halt after an hour and take some groufies. 

And more groufies

Its getting dark when were almost at the peak.

We arrived at the campsite around past 6pm already.

Started cooking dinner and pitched our tents, it rained heavily and had strong winds, thus no pictures during.dinner and socials.

A piece of advice, when your planning to goto Mt. Manunggal, make sure that you carry along camping tents and not beach tents if you dont want to wake up in the middle the night drunk and all soaken wet.

This is how muddy and dirty it can get.

This is around 6am the next day and its still raining.

Fog is still all over the place.

Getting ready for take off.

During the ascend from the camping site going to the peak, this is what we have stumbled on.

And one for road before another 2 hour descend.

Still its all cold and foggy when we started going down the mountain.
Hope you enjoyed reading and the pictures.

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